Ideas take off with AR for presentations

August 8, 2018
August 8, 2018 admin

Pitches and presentations are the lifeblood of business and creativity. It’s how we get our ideas across and win new business and partners. It’s often how we talk to colleagues and other audiences too. Everyone has Powerpoint, but it tends to make even the brightest ideas dull and flat. Its strength is its ubiquity, but the ‘one damn word after another’ approach highlights a weakness in design, typography and engagement. Death by Powerpoint is a problem that needs fixing.

Jump off the screen

Working with a major international company we got the idea to use AR for business presentations. We created Eudeck – it’s Powerpoint supercharged with AR for everyone in every market. Eudeck brings AR to the global presentations market. It’s a presentation platform with built-in AR tools. It stands alone, but works with PowerPoint too. So you don’t have to throw away old presentations to make them more exciting, more engaging and use our AR features. With Eudeck your images, text, data and ideas jump off the screen.

Make your ideas take off

Eudeck is more than an AR platform. It’s a tool to help create better presentations and helps you express your ideas better too. Eudeck makes your ideas fly. That’s why Eudeck is a valuable platform for users, partners and investors and a great European and international success story.

To find out more and see the demo email

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